Ordering 101: Get It Right.
Be The Hero.

The pressure is on! Get your team’s jerseys right and you’re a hero (actually probably not – your team expects that you’ll get it right). Get it wrong and…well let’s not think about that. Ordering 101 is our way of helping you to get your order 100% correct. Here is a checklist you may want to go over it with your team. Download Checklist. Below are some of the most common things to consider before you order jerseys.


A low cost jersey will cost between $17-$40. Mid range jerseys will run you between $40-$100 and jerseys with full decoration can go up to $200. Prices will vary greatly depending on a) the style of jersey b) what you want on the jersey.

Pro-Twill vs. Vinyl (Iron-on) – Names & Numbers

For many teams, a vinyl name and/or number is just fine. Vinyl looks good and is really economical. Vinyl is popular with youth teams and recreational teams (and was commonly used by pro teams until the 1980s). For the purist, you’re going to want to use a Pro twill fabric sewn down to the jersey. Pro Twill fabric will make any jersey look like the pros.

twill-vs-vinyl jersey numbers


NHL jersey styles are usually a little more expensive than Popular styles (i.e. one or two colour basic jerseys) but many players enjoy wearing their favourite team’s colours. Popular designs are easy and economical. Looking for a totally unique design? Sublimation its a great way to create a cool and distinct look for your team.

Cresting – Logos

What style printing would you like for your crest? Direct print on the jersey looks great and is low cost. Printing to a twill patch which is then sewn to the jersey looks pro and is fairly inexpensive. We can also cut and sew twill in layers on the jerseys. Want top of the line? Then embroidery is the way to go. Embroidered crests are worn by most pro teams brings the full, rich colour of any design to life.

Cresting – Front Lettering

Popular Front lettering styles; Straight, Diagonal, Arched, and Double Arched. We can use either a Pro Twill or Film (Iron On) material depending on your preference.

Colours – 1,2 or 3 Colour Names & Numbers

How many layers of colour does your team want? One colour (i.e. All-white numbers) are economical. Consider adding team colours to additional layers.