Numbers & Fonts


Number Fonts

Okay, let’s get serious about fonts. We want you to know a few things about the fonts we make for your team. All of our fonts are handmade to the exact specifications of pro teams for every team since the 1970s. Using game worn jerseys and photo matching techniques, Keener has meticulously re-created every team’s font to the highest degree of accuracy in the world. Like the pros, on our Pro Twill fabric, we prefer to go with large font sizes standard on all jerseys – 11.5” back numbers and 4” sleeve numbers (you can go smaller if you prefer).

Standard Block

The block font is based on Custom Crafted’s Boston or CCM’s Detroit from the 80s.


Pro Team Fonts

Over the years there have been some great fonts ranging from unique Tampa Bay paint, to Colorado, to simple but elegant Phoenix rounded.

Cool Custom Fonts

Split Number Fonts

Kiss Cut Jersey Numbers
Sublimated Fonts

‘Trick out’ your fonts! Keener is the only place to go if you’re looking for a special touch. We have fun ways to add a little pizazz to your numbers:

Bold on Bold Effect
We love the look of using the a bold colour on the numbers. Teams do this by going with a bold colour on a different colour jersey or by matching number colour to the colour of the jersey – we call it a Bold-on-Bold effect. It creates a rich and unique look. This is often best accomplished with a 2 or 3 colour number (2 or 3 layers of fabric).

Numbers-and-Fonts-Bold-3     Numbers-and-Fonts-Bold-2

Sublimation is taking jersey design to new levels in many ways. Nashville uses a cool pattern through their numbers, so do the Seattle Seahawks. Now your team can do the same. Here are some awesome patterns. You can even add your team name or logo. And the best part: adding a cool sublimation effect doesn’t cost much – $5/jersey.

Tricks With Twill
It becoming easier and easier to cut twill in unique ways. Keener wrote a blog about Kiss-Cut numbers – they are really beautiful. You can create cool effects as well, like the Split Number. Again, going with a unique font design isn’t going to break-the-bank. We charge between $3-$XX for most of these cool effects.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog post on some of our unique number styles.

Unique Number Styles

Number Material Fabric

We offer two different materials for your font: Vinyl applied by heat press and Pro Twill fabric which is sewn on. Our vinyl is top notch quality we don’t use cheap thin vinyl that falls off after a few washes. Recently, we had an equipment manager from a university team visit our office and remark, “Hey look at this vinyl it’s way better than the stuff used on our jerseys which falls off after a couple of washes.”