Keener Hockey Socks

No need to go barefoot!

Need matching socks? No worries – we have a ton to choose from. We carry three types of hockey socks – knit, solid polyester and striped polyester. We can help you choose matching socks in any of our varieties.


Hockey Sock Varities

Knit Socks

Kint Socks

Solid Polyester Socks

Solid Polyester

Striped Polyester Socks

Striped Polyester

Sock Examples

These are just a few samples of the socks we carry. When completing your jersey quote, simply select the socks option and we will help you pick out the exact colour to match your jerseys.

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You have questions? We have Answers

“Hey! I need pants, bro!”

Yeah, we get it. This isn’t “No Pants Tuesday.” We can hook you and your teammates up with some matching pants – just let us know, and we’ll add some uniform options to your quote.

“What else you got?”

Well, since you asked… We can do all of your team’s apparel. Warm up suits? Yup. Hoodies and hats? You betcha. A tshirt with your face on it for your ma? I guess so, but we’re going to have questions.