Jersey Cresting


On the hockey jersey, the front crest is the most prominent part of the jersey, let’s make it awesome. A few housekeeping items:

  • We can take existing logos (in any format) or we can create them from scratch. Learn more.
  • Any logo we make for you is yours. We will retain it on file, you can request for us to send it to you or a team member at any time.
  • We charge $25 if your logo needs to be made print ready (called vectorization). Need a logo from scratch?  We charge $50 to design your logo.

Ok let’s get started. There are several cresting options, here’s a run through starting with our most popular:

Pro Twill Crest

Pro Twill sewn on crest

For several reasons our most popular crest by far is is sublimated Pro Twill sewn on to the jersey. First, they look and feel like the crests worn by the pros. Unlike silk screening, there is no limit on colours and the colours turn out super crisp, vibrant and sharp! What’s more, Pro Twill crests will not crack, peel or fade they will last as long as the jersey.

Direct Print to Jersey

Most people are familiar with silk screening. It is a good option if you making up high volumes of jerseys or jerseys for kids teams. Heck, the Pittsburgh Penguins used a silk screen crests in the 1980s so it was still used by the pros. This is a budget-friendly option for cresting

Front Lettering Crests

Front Lettering

Simple classic team name across the front of your jerseys – The Yankees and Rangers are classic examples. For this cresting style you’ll need to consider WHAT you want on your jersey, i.e., full team name or a shortened version (‘New York Knickerbockers’ or ‘Knicks’) and HOW you want it to be displayed (Diagonal, Straight, etc). Pretty simple. Also you will want to give thought to the number of colours and the material – usually dictated by your budget.

Sponsor Crests

For some reason, I love putting sponsor crests on jerseys. You have to do it right. Standard sponsor crests are 5”. Nice and prominent but also professional looking. The sponsor deserves r-e-s-p-e-c-t, let’s ensure they feel they are getting value and treated properly on your jersey.